Governing Council

There shall be a supreme body of the Association called the Governing Council of the Association (GCA), which shall share the same corporate loyalties and contribute to the formulation and services of the Association. GCA shall act on the advice of the Executive Committee of the Association in all matters except those reserved in the constitution.

GCA shall be appointed by the Executive Committee of the Association.

Executive Committee

There shall be the Executive Committee (EC) of the Association, which shall have powers to act on behalf of the Association and its member’s interests.

term of office

The term of office of the Executive Committee shall be two years.  All office bearers shall hold office from the date of election. Filling of vacant position shall be made in the next general meeting to complete the remaining term of that Executive Committee.

Composition of the executive committee

EC shall be composed of ten (10) members of the Association elected at the Annual General Meeting. 

Sub-Committees of the Association